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My name is Thomas Zimmermann. I am the creator and maintainer of picotm, the system-level transaction manager. My professional interest is in transactional, distributed, and operating systems; systems development; and low-level programming;


I offer professional support for picotm. If you are interested in training, consulting, or anything else around picotm, please reach out.

I have been around in FOSS for roughly 20 years and been programming mainly in C and C++ since 2000. I have experience with the complete software stack, from hardware emulation in QEMU to graphics programming with OpenGL and GTK+. I (re-)designed the system architecture of Firefox OS during my time at Mozilla.

I hold a University degree in Computer Science (Diplom-Informatiker, comparable to M.Sc.).

Papers and Publications

Transactional Execution of System-Library Functions
Diploma thesis, Oct 2009

An Overview Of Model Driven Architecture
Student paper, May 2008

Plugin-based Isolation of Web Applications
Student paper, Jan 2008